New generation skin care!

Skin care requires more intensive treatment with purified ingredients that improve the appearance of the skin and solve various problems.

Many of you want to select your own products with the right ingredients that have a proven history in cosmetics – such as Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide (Vit. B3), Retinol, Vitamin C, exfoliating acids and oils.

The varied formulas offered by the inoPharm Pure elements range allow you to select the products for your individual need, bringing the beauty salon home.

Take a test and see which ones suit your skin best.

5 product groups for every stage of your beauty ritual

The products of the inoPharm Pure Elements series are divided into 6 groups according to their effect on the skin:

Each product is clearly labeled with the active ingredient and its percentage in the formula, as well as its action.
This gives you a good orientation in the product range and supports easy selection depending on skin needs.

Exfoliation is the shortest way to smooth and clean skin. It removes the superficial upper layer of the skin. Chemical exfoliants are acids that penetrate deep, remove excess sebum and impurities. They help to reduce spots caused by the sun and those that appear with advancing age. The main and most common acids in cosmetics are two groups – alpha and beta hydroxy acids, or AHA&BHA.

Active serums

Thanks to their smaller structure, the serum molecules penetrate deeper into the skin, supplying it with the vitamins, retinol and antioxidants necessary for its nourishment, cell renewal and collagen production in the skin. They combine several actions in one product and act particularly effectively on the regenerative functions of the skin.

They offer antioxidant protection, hydrate and help restore the skin’s natural glow. Intensive regenerating therapy with a complex of natural oils. They protect the skin from free radicals, which slows down the aging process. They hydrate and help restore the skin’s natural glow.
They absorb easily, leaving no greasy residue.

Daily sun protection

Reliable daily sunscreen with SPF 50 and 100% natural mineral filters. It successfully protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays and free radicals. Enriched with a biomimetic peptide that supports natural protection and helps limit the signs of premature aging.

Effective sun protection against UVA/UVB rays with 100% natural mineral filters and up to 99% natural origin of the ingredients. Dermatologically tested products suitable for the whole family. Enriched with nourishing natural ingredients and antioxidants for faster skin recovery. NO white marks after use. With a superb tiramisu aroma.

inoPharm tanLovers

A series of luxurious self-tanning products for a long-lasting bronze or golden tan on the face and the whole body, without the need for sun exposure. Enriched with natural and nourishing ingredients and intoxicating tiramisu aroma. Provides an even and beautiful complexion, without orange marks. The series ends with a body mist with a scent of sunny colors that brings with it the scent of summer.

Bring the beauty salon home

The inoPharm Pure Elements series starts with 13 dermatologically tested products with proven effect.

All skin care products are easy and affordable to use and the active ingredients are not in aggressive and risky concentrations. They are characterized by carefully selected ingredients, selective combinations that fight the signs of aging and strengthen the protective processes in the skin, targeting the specific needs of each skin type.

See the SURVEY and find out which is the ideal type of product for your skin and bring the beauty salon home.

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