Self tan body mousse GOLDEN GLOW – 150ml

  • For a golden and long-lasting tan
  • Medium
  • With natural and nourishing ingredients
  • Fast drying
  • No sun exposure required

How to use:
1. Exfoliate and epilate the skin well. 2. Apply a moisturizing product. 3. Shake the vial. 4. Apply opposite direction of hair growth – intensively and evenly. If possible, use gloves for self-tanning or apply with your hand. 5. After application, wash your hands very well immediately. 6. Let it dry before dressing and expect the first results of 2-8 hours after application.



Self tan body mousse GOLDEN GLOW. For golden and long-lasting, natural looking tan, without the need of sun exposure. Even, beautiful tan at first application that develops fully in the next 8 hours. With natural and nourishing ingredients. Quick drying, no orange shades, with a fantastic fragrance.

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